About tekney

tekney is inspired by the Greek word “τέχνη” (tékhnē) meaning skill. Everyone has a talent but not all of it is being put into use. Our motivation at tekney is to bring people together in order to unveil some of that hidden potential.

We have created a marketplace were people can easily sell and buy services. If you have a skill that you would like to sell or if you have a need for a service, tekney is the place for you.

As a seller you can benefit from your skill by earning money on the side or becoming your own boss. Have a flexible working environment were you manage your own time.

As a buyer you can have easy access to an otherwise non existing market. You will have access to unused resources at reasonable prices.

Our mission at tekney is:

Bring people together, expand networks and utilize unused potential at a mutually beneficial marketplace.

How tekney started

tekney is a company that started in 2017 by former Maersk colleagues Micky Larsen and George Protopapas. We wanted to create our own company and give people the opportunity to start their own workplace. We believe that the world is changing towards the platform economy and a more flexible labor market.

With a Danish base but coming from two different countries, Denmark and Greece, we have a international outlook. Our vision is to become a global marketplace.